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OHM ohm OS/2 Hyper Modeling
AntHive anthive A Build Engine based on Apache Ant
GnuHerd gnuherd A Build Engine based on GNU Make
eclipse-os2 related
project pageproject repositoryproject description
SwtOs2 swt.os2 Work Repo for the OS/2 SWT Port
SwtOs2Demo swt.os2.demo Demonstration Program for SwtOs2
EquinoxOs2 equinox.os2 Work Repo for the OS/2 Equinox Port
Odin32 netlabs.odin32 The Win32 implementation for OS/2
eclipse forks
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Eclipse SWT eclipse.platform.swt Upstream Eclipse Repository
Eclipse Equinox rt.equinox.framework Upstream Eclipse Repository

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This site is
about the development
of projects which can be easily
built and run on the
next OS/2 distribution

is based on the concept of
Software Modeling.

What is Software Modeling?

Software Modeling is the design, development and implementation
of software based on an abstract model. Such a model expresses the structure
and relations of the software components involved. Modeling spans the realm of an initial idea or plan to the formal destription of DataTypes, Interfaces, Classes and their Relations with the final goal of generating the source code that implements the model.

With Software Modeling,
concepts like single point of origin, code composition from snippets
and refactoring become much easier to handle.

The os2platform Site

Platform Models and other Resources
should reside at their own site, so they can be referred to
from Application Models and Resources.

An analogy would be the system includes
of a C/C++ Compiler versus the application includes.
These platform models and resources can be found here.

The os2dev Site

Here general modeling technology
is applied by using Application Models and Resources.
Such models will generate Application Cascos.

Work in Progress

Please note that this site is
*** under construction ***
and that it may integrate from the
eXperimental OS/2 Development GitHub site