This is the
SwtOs2 Project

SwtOs2 is the work repository for
Eclipse SWT, which is a fork of the
official upstream Eclipse SWT repository.

Why SwtOs2 ?

The eclipse.platform.swt repo contains
the sources for all platforms supported by the Eclipse Project.
This repo is not directly buildable from source. First, the sources for
a specific platform need to be gathered to a workspace, after which
building for that specific platform can be done.

Then, when modifications are made, these have to be
migrated back to eclipse.platform.swt, which is not as trivial as
one might think. The tree-structure of eclipse.platform.swt is different from
the workspace structure and also 64-bit <-> 32-bit conversion at the
Java source level is involved.

Another aspect is that SWT for OS/2 is based on SWT for Win32
of which the latter has numerous work-arounds for the various Windows variants.
Because SWT for OS/2 is based on Odin32, it is not even clear yet where
and how certain parts are best implemented, making immediate
migration to eclipse.platform.swt a questionable
effort at least.

This is where SwtOs2 chimes in.
It will provide an environment where
developments take place from the OS/2 perspective,
so that they can find their proper place.

SwtOs2 has its focus on getting SWT to run on OS/2
(instead of focussing on upstream integration)

Developer Notes

Underestimating the various inter-project relations,
giving priority to upstream integration instead of putting OS/2 first,
are reasons why previous attempts to port SWT to OS/2
were stalled or altogether failed.

don't ever think of the above in a negative way.
Failures are there to learn from and together with persistence
they are actually important events on the road to succes.

Now that inter-project relations are more clear,
longterm project maintainability is secured by applying modeling,
development has refocussed on OS/2 first and upstream integration later,
things are definately looking up.

First priorities now are
getting Odin32 in better shape,
properly connecting the SWT-API to Odin32
and getting EquinoxOs2 to run.

Tux, Beastie, The Wine Project and ReactOS are our friends

Wanna get your hands on SWT for OS/2 ?

Then stay tuned...

OS/2 is already capable of doing some SWT.
All the developed stuff from the previous attemps will resurface here.
From there on, development will continue at ever increasing speed.

Developer Information, SwtOs2 itself, Examples, Downloads, etc.,
are all going to surface at this site, which has the main purpose of

Porting the Eclipse IDE to OS/2

What, you didn't know OS/2 is still g(r)o(w)ing strong ?

OS/2 Generation Next