This is the
OS/2 Modeling Project

Its purpose is to generate source code from Software Models.
One area of this code-generation is boilerplate code, with things like
Type Definitions, Class Definitions, Initial Method Implementation
and what not. Another area is the composition of source code
by using well defined code snippets.

For this,
OHM uses AntHive,
which is a build-engine using the powerful features of Apache Ant
together with OS/2 specific models located at

Why OHM ?

During the preliminary work done for the Odin Based version
of SWT, it became clear that there were far too many inter-project
relations to handle manually. Besides the need to extend the functionality
of Odin, the Eclipse IDE is a massive framework that can not be ported
to OS/2 using traditional (linear) development methods.
(without ultimately ending up in an code swamp)

In fact, on the other platforms,
Eclipse is developed using Eclipse itself,
which is not the case under OS/2.

This is where OHM chimes in.
It acts as a kind of substitute for Eclipse,
enabling the power of software modeling together with
the build powers of Ant to manage the complexities involved
with porting SWT and Eclipse to OS/2.

Luctor et Emergo

I struggle and emerge

At the (private) developer site,
much research has been done on how to apply
software modeling to the benefit of development for OS/2.
This research has resulted in many pieces like models,
tools, snippets, templates, cascos,
transformations and what not.

This site is the place where all this will emerge in a coherent manner

Developer Notes

Development using software modeling differs
considerably from traditional development methods.

With traditional methods, the next commit is usually
closely related to the previous commit, and the method of measurement
is often the number of commits leading to the next milestone.

This is not the case with development based on software modeling,
where the most important thing is to first define models, interfaces
and connections to generate the boilerplate code, which can
then be implemented, preferably by using
composition from snippets.

Software Modeling
is much like
Contruction From Parts

Interested ?

Then stay tuned...

Developer Information, OHM itself, Examples, Downloads, etc.,
are all going to surface at this site, which has the main purpose of

Porting the Eclipse IDE to OS/2

What, you didn't know OS/2 is still g(r)o(w)ing strong ?

OS/2 Generation Next