This is the
EquinoxOs2 Project

EquinoxOs2 is the work repository for
Eclipse SWT, which is a fork of the
official upstream Eclipse SWT repository.

Why EquinoxOs2 ?

Unlike eclipse.platform.swt,
the rt.equinox.framework repo can be built directly.
However, it is still a good idea to
sandbox development.

The EquinoxOs2 project involves the launcher,
and is thus more tightly coupled to OS/2 processes
than (Java Only) parts of the Eclipse Project.

It is most probably also the place
to investigate WorkplaceShell integration,
and other OS/2 specific thingies.

This is where EquinoxOs2 chimes in.
It will provide an environment where
developments take place from the OS/2 perspective,
so that they can find their proper place.

EquinoxOs2 has its focus on providing the Launcher on OS/2

Developer Notes

Equinox is built upon the OSGi framework,
which is a modular system and a service platform for Java.
As you can read above, more implementations exist.

First priorities now are
getting Odin32 in better shape,
properly connecting the SWT-API to Odin32
and getting EquinoxOs2 to run.

Tux, Beastie, The Wine Project and ReactOS are our friends

Interested ?

Then stay tuned...

Developer Information, EquinoxOs2 itself, Examples, Downloads, etc.,
are all going to surface at this site, which has the main purpose of

Porting the Eclipse IDE to OS/2

What, you didn't know OS/2 is still g(r)o(w)ing strong ?

OS/2 Generation Next