This is the
AntHive Project

AntHive is a build engine
using the powerful features of Apache Ant.
It is the core component under the hood
for software modeling.

Why AntHive ?

Ant is a very powerful build tool
that can be easily extended in several ways.
AntHive is a collection of such extensions together with
well defined ways to apply them.

AntHive is the core component of Software Modeling

Some of Ant's Features

Platform Agnostic

Because Ant is a Java Application,
it can potentially run on any system that is Java capable.
This includes our OS/2 Java6 implementation,
which makes AntHive run like a charm.

XML Based

Ant being XML-based results in highly structured
build-files which can be easily parsed and also generated on-the-fly.
XML is one of the corner technologies for software modeling.

XML Properties

This is a very powerful feature of Ant,
making it possible to store snippets that can easily be extracted.
Because Ant Properties can also refer to other Ant Properties,
mappings can be made between them. An example
would be language localization.

Another powerful acpect is Ant's location property.
This makes it possible to refer to resources in a platform independent way,
because Ant resolves platform differences (like / and : and \ and ;) on the fly.
Such resources can be system local or remote (internet) and
Software Models are an example of such resources.

Custom Tasks

The powerful AntLib features
make it easy to extend Ant with Custom Tasks.
This feature is extensively used by AntHive.


XSLT is the transformation of XML to XML,
or XML to flat text. With Ant's built-in xslt task,
sky is the limit for transforming one format to another.
XSLT is the corner stone for source code generation.


Filtering allows for pre and post processing
of flat text-files. One of its appliances could be the
automated assimilation of (parts of) foreign source code.

URI Handling

On the higest abstract level,
everything could be considered to be a resource.
Ant's ability to reference URIs independent of platform
enables the concept of single point of origin, a concept that
puts source code re-use in a whole new perspective.

Ant is the core engine for AntHive

Developer Notes

AntHive uses the ant:if and ant:unless namespaces,
and so it requires an Ant version of 1.9.1 or higher.
AntHive is being developed using >= v1.9.2.

Interested ?

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